Asset Investigations and Asset Searches in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Green Bay Asset Search

Our asset investigations and asset searches can identify and locate hidden property, income, and financial information. Asset searches are not a typical search. They are one of the most difficult and time consuming investigations we do. At our agency it’s not about putting in some information into a database and throwing the results back at you. We know the time and effort asset searches take. Thankfully, after many successful asset searches we are confident in our experience to identify almost any asset nationwide.

There are numerous reasons why someone would request an asset investigation and purchase an asset search. Here are some of the more common reasons:

Employment Law Disputes
Corporate Contract Negotiation
Breach of Contract and General Contract Disputes
Payment Disputes
Non-Compete Agreements
Property sell and purchasing
Mergers and Acquisitions
Commercial Leasing Disputes
Insurance Disputes
Employee Fraud/Embezzlement
Corporate Partnership Disputes
Business Torts
Before litigation
During litigation
Injury and motor vehicles cases
Unpaid child support
Collection and debt matters
Business due diligence
Before lending money
During divorce
Judgement recovery,
Corporate and probate records and filings


These topics just scratch the surface. Asset searches are used on a daily basis by attorney and law firms and the general public.

We conduct Asset Searches and Asset Investigations in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin

What can you find during an asset investigation and asset search?

Corporate Assets may identify:
‣Motor vehicle and registration information
‣Internet domain names
‣Dunn and Bradstreet records
‣Real estate and deed information/transfers
‣Mortgage information (when available)
‣Federal and state tax liens and encumbrances
‣Uniform commercial code liens (UCC Filings)
‣Corporate filings
‣Current addresses and phone numbers
‣Corporate officers and members
Individual Asset Searches may identify:
‣Real estate information
‣Current and available mortgage information
‣Vehicle registration
‣Watercraft registration
‣Aircraft registration
‣Bank searches
‣Criminal Records
‣Internet domain names
‣UCC Filings
‣Federal and state tax liens


Asset Search

This is accomplished through many different ways including:

Comprehensive background checks
– Searching through every nook and cranny.
Public records – Real property, motor vehicles, water & aircraft registrations, civil litigation, divorce records, UCC filings, Patents and trademarks, and many more.
Surveillance – follow someone for a day or two and you will discover where they dine, places they visit, friends, and associates they talk to. If you get lucky they may even lead you a hidden business or entity.
Databases – we use over 30 public and private databases (access only grated to licensed private investigators)
Friends and Family – Those in need of hiding assets usually turn to friends and family to do so.
Going through the trash – While not prestigious, people don’t think twice before they throw away invaluable information.

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