Private Investigators serving Kenosha and throughout Wisconsin

Welcome to one of Wisconsin’s finest Private Investigative agencies. We are located in SE Wisconsin serving Kenosha, Racine and throughout the whole state. Third Coast Investigations provides our detective services to individuals, lawyers, organizations, the general public and anyone in between.

All of our investigators are fully licensed and insured in the state of Wisconsin specializing in infidelity investigations, surveillance, asset investigations, background checks, complex forensic investigations, and many other investigative services. Our experience is unmatched and we welcome any case which seems ‘impossible’. While we can’t guarantee any result we are confident in our skills and knowledge. You have our guarantee that we will be using everything in our power to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

What separates you from the completion and why should I hire you? To put it simply, we bring 95% of our investigations to a successful conclusion. (2013 data)

Private Investigations in Kenosha We can make this statement for many reasons:
• When you hire TCI you have our guarantee none of our investigations are subcontracted. We know how important your case is, and it will be investigated by an investigator in our agency.
• When calling us you will never get an operator, receptionist, or office staff. Every call is taken by President & Lead Investigator Ryan Sanchez.
• Our investigators experience monthly and yearly training.
• Are equipped with state of the art technology and are required to carry gear that is tailored to every case.
• TCI is available 24/7, 365, holidays, night, morning, or anything in between. We only require two hours notice for most investigations, sometimes less. We are ready for anything you have. This isn’t a hobby.
• Unlike other private investigators, our communication and case updates are frequent and are meant to keep you in the loop. We think it’s vital to talk to our clients for two reasons. You may have a case update which is crucial to the current situation, and we also know it’s hard to sit by and wait. We can’t guarantee we can always talk – but if something is important you will know as soon as we are able to do so.
• We are active members in PAWLI (Professional Association of Licensed Private Investigators) which is the only PI association in the state of WI.

What are some examples of cases you work on?

While TCI specializes in a few areas, we are a full service agency ready to assist any matter you have. We provide our customers with a complete and thorough investigation making sure to stay in contact with our clients when requested.

These are a few of the services we provide:

Infidelity Investigation – Have suspicions that your significant other is cheating or is acting strange? Confronting them usually isn’t the best idea. At least not until you have sufficient evidence. When you hire us you have our guarantee that we will find the truth. Pictures, video, and on request any written report will be turned over to you so you can make an informed decision.

Process Serve and Locate Services – Need a document served to a hard to locate individual or difficult individual? Need to find someone? My agency has a reputation for tracking down skips and locating people. We aren’t your typical process serve or skip trace company. We go far beyond a Google or White pages search. If they have left any sort of paper trail or digital footprint (most people do) TCI will find and serve them.

Private Detectives Kenosha Criminal Defense Investigation – We locate and interview witnesses which can help lead a trial to a successful conclusion, or bring to light new information attorneys can use as ammunition. Our agency saves law firms valuable time and effort which they can use for other matters. (such as your case)
Law firms across the country contact TCI for criminal defense investigations. We also do public defender work. Not every case needs a private investigator, but the ones that do will most definitely benefit from hiring us.

Surveillance Services
– Weather you need us for a workers compensation fraud or an insurance case, child custody, activity check, or to confirm infidelity our agency is equip to always find the truth and bring you peace of mind. Our agency does hundreds of surveillance cases a year. Don’t hire amateurs. We know how to covertly follow people and are ready for almost any situation. Pictures, videos, and reports will be delivered after the investigation so you are able to make informed decisions.

Head over to our investigative services page for a complete listing of services and more information.

TCI is a full service agency which is able to provide a wide range of private investigator services to you at any moment.

Call Third Coast Investigations – Professional Kenosha Private Investigators now for information regarding our investigative services, or for a free phone consultation.