We Locate Missing Persons in Green Bay, Appleton, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Missing Persons Green Bay

Are you looking to find someone missing in Wisconsin? You have come to the right source for fast, reliable and affordable locate services. Police will only investigate cases for a certain amount of time, and then declare the case cold. They try their best with the resources they are given but in this day and age of high crime rates and budget cuts more and more people are looking to private investigators to locate someone.

What are some reasons to find someone missing?
• Deadbeat Parents
• Loved Ones
• Fugitives
• Debtors
• Relatives
• Witnesses
• Defendants

What information is needed to start?
The more information you provide before we start our locating will help improve our turn around time. We require a first and last name minimum. These are other identifiers which will greatly benefit our investigation:

• Last known address(es)
• Last known employer(s)
• Vehicles
• Relatives and friends
• Current photographs
• Social security number (SSN)
• Date of birth (DOB)
• Anything else you know or can provide. The fact of the matter is, even something very small can help us locate the individual. Please don’t exclude information, as it may save you time and money.

We conduct Missing People Location Services in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin

How do you go about locating someone missing?

We assume you have used Google, and exhausted public databases in your search. Unfortunately, the majority of those databases are either providing false or out of date information, or they don’t pick up on the right paper trails. So how do we make the difference? We scour through public records, use proprietary databases not available to the general public, conduct interviews with friends and family, use social media and surveillance, and a treasure trove of other ideas. We have resources nationwide, including connections with other private investigators, attorneys, and law enforcement. If we can’t solve your case, we probably know someone who can help.

How long does this take and what is your rate?

Finding someone missing, or actively trying to hide can be a simple or daunting task. Since every case is different we can’t pinpoint it so simply. After talking with you we will craft strategy and discuss rates after we know more information. We charge a flat rate for most of them, unless they require a hourly payment schedule due to exhausting a lot of time.

NOTE: Third Coast Investigations does not accept every locate case. Also, please do not call us asking to investigate celebrities or political figures.

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