Three ways to become a Private Investigator

This question came from someone who emailed me recently.

How do I get into the private investigations field?

I answered this in one of my Q&A’s but I’ll clarify some things here.

Three ways:

1. Start your own PI agency –

Getting into the field of Private Investigations isn’t an easy one. I would actually say getting your own agency and licenses isn’t the hardest thing – but who’s going to call you? Who’s going to market your services? Who is going to do your taxes, and record keeping. If you decide to hire someone now we are also talking about payroll. There is a lot of things you need to consider if you open up a business.

This is why some people prefer to work for another PI agency. There are plenty of them that are hiring.

2. Get Hired Locally –

Check job boards frequently. I see jobs posted everyday, and there are some in Wisconsin. Draft a good resume and cover letter, and do the proper steps you would normally do if you want to get hired as a professional. Go in person to fill out the resume. Give them something to remember you by and I bet they will call you back.

3. Get in with a law firm –

You don’t need a PI license to work at a law firm in Wisconsin. It is the only exception that I know of. Most firms like experience. Bare minimum, you should have something in college or work experience related to this field.

Use your connections. Reach out to family and see if they know any attorneys. The larger law firms usually use in-house investigators.

If you want to be a private investigator it’s not easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Keep going and never give up and soon you will be a private investigator.

If you need any help feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do.

Have a good week everyone!

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3 Comments to “Three ways to become a Private Investigator”

  1. I think you can also enroll your profile to various job portal, So will get the job very quickly. But for that your resume must be very attractive and must have the all skill required for PI so that will be shortlisted very quickly.

    • Gary J Brunclik says:

      I have been looking for various job portals to see what’s out there. I haven’t found many. I have many skills from my past career that transfer especially my understanding of human behavior. I am enrolled in school and have been self studying private investigation for almost a year now.

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