Private Investigators in Sioux Falls and South Dakota

Welcome to Third Coast Investigations (TCI) one of the premiere South Dakota and Sioux Falls area private investigation agencies. We provide professional private investigator services to law firms, insurance companies, organizations, and the general public.

Our Sioux Falls private investigators are 100% insured. There is no licensing offered or required for South Dakota to perform private investigation services. However, our agency was started in Wisconsin where we are currently licensed. Rest assured, when hiring our agency you will be getting the same professional service, expertise and experience as our clients deserve and should expect. Our investigations are always discreet, professional, and efficient.

We are available 365 days a year, 24/7 rain or shine. We know certain situations require a different skill set or language, which is why we have bolstered our agency with investigators who have surveillance, financial, law enforcement, and previous military experience. In addition, TCI is the only agency in South Dakota which offers Spanish and Chinese bi-lingual investigators. We know every investigation is unique, and can take almost any investigation to a successful conclusion.

These are a few of the investigation services we offer in Sioux Falls SD. Please visit our investigative services page for a full listing and details of the services Third Coast Investigations offers.

Surveillance Sioux Falls
– Our most requested service. Our highly trained and sophisticated surveillance investigators utilize the latest technology, making sure we are never in a situation where our equipment is a limitation. We have experience in surveillance cases ranging from child support and custody, workers compensation fraud, person injury cases, drug usage, infidelity, and many more. Our firm specializes in hard surveillance cases, and have more than one investigator on hand if necessary or needed.

Missing Persons Investigations
– We locate missing people, debtors, family, child runaways, and any circumstance where someone is needed to be found. Our methods include internal database checks, utilizing public records, interviewing connected individuals, social media, and many other ways which will give us evidence and hints on where to search.

Criminal Defense – TCI started our agency completing public defender cases for high profile law firms, helping many clients achieve lessened prison sentences including probation or not guilty verdicts. We admit, not every case is in need of a private investigator. However, when they do require us the chances of success are greatly enhanced. Our interviews, process serving, evidence analysis, crucial surveillance, and even going through trash can lead to breaks in cases.

Background Inquiry or Check – Many people contact TCI after going to an internet and spending money on a “background check provider” and saying they weren’t satisfied with the results. Luckily, after performing hundreds of background checks we know exactly where to find the information you seek. We can screen potential employees, due diligence on business partnerships, tenants, or even before you enter into an online relationship. Our background check process can be as simple or complex as you need. We have the capacity to check a number of different sources and types of information, including: criminal records, asset searches, judgements, sex offender status, bankruptcy, current employment, professional licenses, and a lot more. Please call us so we can tailor our background checks exclusively to your needs.

Verify Infidelity – We understand this is one of the most confusing and devastating circumstances anyone can go through. Know that our agency will always be there for anything you need. Your gut feeling or intiution is almost always right, but without the evidence it’s hard to move forward. Let us be the driving force, providing the peace of mind to make an informed decision. We collect photographic evidence and document all events to put an end to your unfortunate suspicions.

Private Investigator South Dakota
Bug Sweep and Counter-Surveillance Measures
– Our agency has the equipment and experience to find bugs in: wiretapped lines, cell phones, hidden audio and video and other situations. Our bug sweeps are the most complex service we provide. Tools alone will not locate every bug. We know that bugs are planted within 20 feet of conversations, and sometimes can be in spots that are often overlooked. Technology has granted people the ability to spy at a very low cost. Let us bring closure and peace of mind to your life.

Have a need for a service not listed? We pride ourselves on being a full service Sioux Falls investigative agency committed to prow providing quality and timely service. If you need peace of mind, contact us now.

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