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Testimonials directly from our customers!

Name: Tina
Location: Hartland, WI

“I had my hands tied and unable to prove an ongoing situation that I was well aware of to help my case in court. I retainer RAI and they were able to obtain surveillance and testimony needed to bring my case to light. This was one of the best decisions I could have made.”

Name: Erica McKinnon
Location: Perth, Austrailia

“You’re awesome Ryan!!!! I really appreciate your willingness to follow through with what we were working on. Had an unbelievable result, and can’t thank you enough”

Name: Chomi Prag Attorney
Location: Waukesha, WI

“Ryan Adam Investigations is a professional company I highly recommend. EXCELLENT; professional, confidential, fast, great customer service and great job! Very, very good for criminal or quasi criminal (forfeiture) cases.”

Name: Anonymous
Location: Hartland, WI

“I am very happy with service I received with a time sensitive matter. Ryan immediately returned my call for free consult, he was professional, thorough, affordable, and completed the investigation in record time- providing the answers I needed at an even lower cost than we had originally anticipated. I would definitely recommend Ryan’s services to others. Thanks so much Ryan- you’re the best!”

Name: Kelly Schwab, Attorney
Location: Oshkosh, WI

“I came in contact with Ryan Sanchez and Ryan Adam Investigations as an attorney that was searching for a private investigator that could work along side of me and assist me with investigative services on a case that I had undertaken. In my years of practice I have dealt with many private investigators and have never been as impressed with quality of service, the knowledge and skill that was used in the investigation than I was with the service provided by Ryan Adam Investigations. The investigator was available at all times of the day or night, developed a creative game plan to obtain the information that was necessary in the case and took a personal ownership in completing the tasks and achieving the goals he was given. This specific case was a very difficult investigation with very little information available and from that he still produced everything that I and my client were looking for in this matter in an expedient fashion. In addition to that, everything was done for a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Ryan Sanchez and Ryan Adam Investigations to anyone that is looking for investigative services. You will not be disappointed with the services provided. They are a true gem in their industry!”

Name: Kevin
Location: Watertown, WI

“I highly recommend Ryan Adam Investigations and Ryan Sanchez, Lead Investigator. I’d never enlisted the assistance of a PI and, frankly, was entering into this somewhat reluctant and not quite sure what to expect. I’m not sure how other PIs operate, but I can attest to the highest degree of professionalism, speed, honesty and integrity that I experienced as a result of my interactions with Ryan. We met for a brief consultation, he asked probing questions to make sure he clearly understood why I was looking to enlist his services – and then set to the task at hand. Within 24 hours information had been obtained – actually less than that…more like 8 hours. Incredibly fast service, thorough, professional, knowledgeable and complete. Simply outstanding.”

Name: Nicole
Location: Hartland, WI

“Ryan was professional caring and understanding. He helped me confirm the situation myself and most importantly my children where in . With his hard work and professionalism he helped save our lives truly. I am so grateful I took the leap of faith and hired him. We are on our way to a much more peaceful loving life.”

Location: Maryland

“I contacted Ryan Adam Investigations after I had come to a dead-end in my own amateur cyber investigation in regards to possible infidelity. After a consultation with Ryan, he had the necessary skills, programs and resources to find the answers that I needed…and quickly! I was blown away with the amount of information that he was able to access. He was also extremely knowledgeable, and understanding during this difficult time. While the rates are extremely reasonable, the quality of information I obtained was priceless. I was extremely pleased with the high level of professionalism. Don’t look anywhere else or take it upon yourself -Ryan Adam Investigations is your solution!”

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