Bug Sweep Service

A bug is a covert or hidden listening device that uses a radio transmitter and microphone. In today’s technologically advanced world it is rather easy to for people to acquire these.
Commonly used bugs and surveillance items:

Cell Phones – Unfortunately, people can put in software that monitors your viewing habits, calls sent and received, and anything said in the physical presence of the phone itself.

Wiretapping – Intercepts communication from telephone signals. Illegal in all 50 states, unless a court order is issued. This doesn’t stop a lot of people and businesses from doing it anyway.

Audio – placed in the radius they want to hear communication, listening and recording. They are hard to detect because they can be placed almost anywhere and can be very small.

Hidden Cameras – Similar to audio, these can be very small and hidden almost anywhere.

Bug Sweep Services

We conduct bug sweeps in Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha and throughout Wisconsin

A bug sweep or technical surveillance countermeasure is a method of detecting bugs, uncovering any illegally placed surveillance devices, and potentially finding any security weaknesses.

Why do individuals and businesses plant bugs?

– In a messy divorce? In an effort to gain some leverage and evidence, sometimes a spouse will plant bugs in your apartment or house.
– People suspecting their significant others of cheating have been known to.
– Offices and businesses are often targeted due to having valuable information people want to steal.
– Identity theft is becoming more and more popular.
– Other private investigators, lawyers, or people in litigation.
– Celebrities are huge targets.
– Many other reasons.

If you feel you are being spyed on, contact RAI for a free consultation so we can eventuate if a bug sweep is needed.

How do we conduct bug sweeps?

We start by telling you not to talk in rooms or areas you think are bugged. Not going in the rooms if possible, is ideal. Typically all bugs are found within 20 feet of where conversations usually occur. If the person knows you, they will know where to plant them.

We visually inspect the areas you suspect are bugged, looking for anything out of place, odd, or typical of bugs we’ve seen planted in the past.

Every sweep we do uses the following:

✔RF (radio frequency) sweep – 200 Hz to 12 GHz.
✔Telephone sweep by performing electronic tests and physically inspecting every phone.
✔Carrier current sweep – 20 KHz to 400 KHz (the building wiring)
✔Cell phone sweep
✔Hidden Microphone sweep
✔Hidden video camera sweep (both wireless and hardwired)
✔Hidden Audio recorder sweep
✔Any Infrared transmissions

Our state of the art equipment can detective nearly every hidden bug planted. We have conducted hundreds of bug sweeps for companies, organizations, attorneys, and the general public.

What is the price and how long do bug sweeps take?

Bug Sweeps or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are one of the most complex investigations we provide. It requires skill, advanced equipment, and the know how to accomplish it. We charge a flat rate depending on the size of the area, and the complexity of the project.

Depending on size, bug sweeps can take one or two hours for a small areas or many more if we are doing multiple rooms. Call TCI for more information today! Detecting bugs gives you peace of mind, and lets you reclaim your privacy.

Note: We do not plant bugs. If you feel a law enforcement agency has your phone wiretapped we cannot find it. Court ordered wire taps are done in the central office of your phone company and cannot be detected.

Bug Sweep, Investigation Services

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