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It’s been awhile. Busy busy!

Here’s a little post about gear. Sometimes I get asked what I carry with me when I do my surveillance gigs.

Most Private Investigators will probably carry similar things. These are essential items that you need to get the job done.

I carry the following at all times:

1) Water bottle, snacks. Anything with caffeine. Surveillance can be long. Very long. It’s important to stay hydrated. I always carry energy bars with me, some cashews or nuts.

2) Weapons/Tools. It’s a dangerous job. You need to be protected. It probably goes without saying but if you aren’t trained to use the weapons you carry don’t carry them. I carry a stun gun, pepper spray, and a utility knife. Some PI’s pack heat.

3) Voice recorder. Doing interviews is something I do every week. I need a way to capture the voices.

4) iPad. I need to look people/vehicles up when I’m on the road. It’s faster than a laptop.

5) Notebooks, and many pens. The obvious. Used to write down my observations.

6) Lighter.

7) Mobile charger power station. The most important electronic item I carry. It can charge my camera, iPhone and basically anything I carry. It’s important to carry backups, but in a pinch this thing can save you.

8) First aid bag.

9) Tripod. This is essential, to steady the shot.

10) Camera, backup camera, video camera, backup video camera. Extra batteries for all. Important not to skimp on these. You need to provide a quality product to your customer, and you can’t do that with inferior equipment.

11) Memory cards – Important to have a stash of these.

12) Toilet paper – Use your imagination.

13) Binoculars – I carry two of these. A large and small. Also important not to skimp on these. You will use them more than the electronics.

14) Heater – Wisconsin is cold. I use this a lot in the winter months.

What things do you use? Have any good ideas? Leave a comment below. I’m always looking for new items and gadgets to add to my repertoire.

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