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This is a topic that is asked quite a lot and there are many misconceptions about it. Sometime in your life you may also have some questions about it.

Bug Sweeps, Bug Detection, or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is a service we provide that detects hidden bugs. These bugs come in many forms, and are planted on any number of locations and areas.

I already have quite a lot of information about them here, however a bug is a device put down to gather information, video, or audio covertly (cell phone or wiretapping a landline). The information is then transmitted to someone remotely.

Why would someone bug me?
1. Messy divorce. They are looking to get a leg up on you.
2. Before or after litigation.
3. Purposes of identity theft.
4. Offices and businesses are huge targets due to the nature of information and trade secrets they posses.
6. Ironically, lawyers, and other private investigators can be targets.
7. Celebrities have been known to be stalked using bugs.
8. Hotel rooms where company CEO’s and high ranking officers stay.
9. Plenty more.

How do I detect bugs myself?

First, as noted above normal people not in trouble or in a messy situation usually aren’t targeted for bugs. If you start noticing conversations you had in confidence with someone you trust are being heard elsewhere or repeated, or by people close to you that is usually a good starting point. Remember that people usually don’t bug an entire office or home. They target areas where the conversations or action happens, usually within 20 feet or so. If you think you are bugged don’t go into those rooms of possible.

Look for things out of place. If it’s video, it needs a line of sight. Bookcases, high areas, ceilings, desks are all common areas people place them. Audio is a little more tricky but is still doable. Remember that bugs can be incredibly small, almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

If you can’t find it, the next logical step is hiring a bug sweep expert or private investigator. Not many PI’s perform this task because of the complexity and how much money the equipment costs. You can’t just purchase the gear and all of a sudden you are an expert. My agency does bug sweeps on a monthly basis and has the experience and gear to locate bugs in cars, homes, apartments, and businesses. If you think you are being bugged call us today @ 262-443-6860.

“Make one of the best choices of your life, hire a private eye”

Have a good January everyone. Stay safe and warm.

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