Oh wow! It’s been over 4 months since my last blog. Busy busy!

Someone emailed me asking me to talk about how I solve cases and what strategies work.

It’s hard to describe how I solve a case. Being that every case is completely different, I can only give general advice.

1. Do your research. Without putting in the proper time before a case starts, you may be uninformed and definitely won’t look bright executing your skill set. Many cases earlier in my career could have had a more satisfactory ending by putting in the proper research beforehand. Example: I make sure to to a quick background check on anyone I investigate. For my safety and to know exactly what I am up against.

2. Planning. After research, you need to devise a plan to proceed. For instance, when conducting surveillance knowing where to position your vehicle to get the results the client is looking for. This can mean the difference between getting burned (person knows you are following/watching them..) and being completely covert for the duration of your stay.

3. Having adequate gear for the situation. Doing surveillance for 12 hours? Carry extra batteries and memory cards. Nothing sucks more then seeing the “smoking gun” and not being able to prove it ever happened. I make sure I have enough memory space and battery juice for 24 hours before doing any surveillance. Why not take a look at some of the things I carry in a blog post I did here?

There is a ton of gear one must have to do this job correctly. You can start modestly (I did) but eventually you will need to produce clear video even in low light situations. I have spent upwards of $10,000 on my gear. I could have spent more.. however this is more than adequate for anything a case throws at me.

4. “Thinking outside the box” perhaps overlooked.. this is something that separates the best Private Eyes from mediocre ones. Many times I could have given up because what I was attempting just didn’t work. You must look at a situation from multiple angles. I have yet to see a case that’s impossible. It just means I will need to think from a different perspective to achieve the results I am expected to deliver.

5. Knowing where to look. Part of our job is locating files, documents, and information that are crucial to a clients case or the outcome altogether. Pulling records is a complex skill that takes years to master. Having this on your side will make your repertoire of skills much more desirable, especially for attorneys.

This is general advice and every case has a different series of demands but it’s a good guideline.

Have a safe week everyone!

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